Album Alireza JJ Amadeus

Download Album Alireza JJ Called Amadeus

Produced by: Alireza JJ
Mixed & Mastered by: Farid Imani
Additional Vocals by: Yasna
Cover Art: Momet


Bang Bang (Ft Yasna)

Vasl (Skit)

Balance (Ft Mehrad Hidden, Sohrab MJ, & Sepehr Khalse)

Bilite Talayi (Ft Yasna)

Ghesmate Man (Ft Shayan Eshraghi)

Haji Baba (Ft Young Sudden & 021Kid)

Kojayi To (Ft Hoomaan)

Psycho (Ft Yasna)

Text (Ft Radochi & Ayzun)


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